Photo of Yunghi Kim in 2007. 
Photo by Charles Ommanney

Yunghi Kim

Yunghi Kim has been a photojournalist since 1984. 

She was bothered by the revisionist narrative that was circulating in photojournalism for the last few years. In response to several inaccurate portrayals of past women in photojournalism, Yunghi expressed her opinion in a Facebook post mentioning several women in photojournalism. In turn, the photojournalism community came forward on Facebook offering many, many more women photojournalists and editors from their collective memory. Thus, “The List” was born! The List flourished because of the overwhelmingly positive response generated by this story, it struck a chord in the industry.

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Special Contributor to Contact Press Images. Yunghi gives back to photojournalism every year in Yunghi Grant.



Natalie Behring

Natalie Behring is a free-lance photojournalist. She began her career working for newswires in 1997 in Beijing and spent close to two decades documenting epic economic reforms and news events in China, Israel, Afghanistan and elsewhere in Asia. After returning to the United States, she continued her work as a freelancer, and since then her work as a journalist has expanded to include assignments for newswires, global newspapers and a tiny family-owned paper, non-profits, mega-corporations as well as a local goat cheese maker. Her interests also include writing, reducing plastic waste, and hiking with her dog.

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Photo by Craig Angevine

Rose Lincoln

Rose Lincoln is a staff photographer for Harvard University's Office of Public Affairs and Communications in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She also owns her own freelance photography business. Her major freelance clients are MIT, Boston College, and Tufts University, as well as some media outlets. She credits her current success as a thriving Boston businesswoman, in part, to her training in photojournalism at a daily newspaper early in her career. Lincoln was a working Mom throughout her career, raising three children. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they live in both Boston, where she enjoys biking to assignments, and in Maine, where she enjoys snowshoeing to the grocery store.



Photo by Mike Davis.

Deb Pang Davis

Deb is a multi-disciplinary designer and currently product designer at The 19th. Her background is in editorial design working for newspapers such as The Globe and Mail, The Chicago Tribune, and Copley Sun Publications and magazines such as National Geographic Traveler and Virtusoso Life. She has spent most of her career hiring, working with and collaborating with photographers worldwide on marketing strategy, identity design, promotional pieces, books, websites, and magazines. Some of her clients include Janet Jarman, Ami Vitale, Lynn Johnson, The Photo Society, Whitney Curtis, Zun Lee and Matt Eich. While a professor at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, she designed and launched a class to teach future freelance photographers about marketing and branding. She also wrote a series of articles about the same topics for the NPPA.  Her latest passions include the intersections of visual storytelling, geography, the humanities, and computation. Deb completed her MFA in Interactive Media at the University of Miami in 2020.

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