*First female recipients.

Grants listed are photojournalism grants of $10k or more.

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) Leadership Awards for stills photojournalists and editors, not a complete list due to difficulty in sourcing. This award is important because it recognizes those who contributed to education and for the betterment to photojournalism. 

  • Joseph Sprague Memorial Award held since 1949: recognizes an individual who advances and elevates the visual journalism profession by conduct, initiative, leadership, skill, and devotion to duty. 
  • Joseph Costa Award held since 1954.  
  • Clifton Edom Award held since 1991. “this award recognizes an individual in the tradition of Cliff Edom to inspire and motivate members of the visual journalism community to reach new heights” 
  • Morris Berman Citation held since 1948. “This citation is given to an individual for special contributions advancing the interests of visual journalism”
  • Kenneth P Mclaughlin Award held since 1950. “This award is given to those rendering continuing outstanding service in the interest of visual journalism”
  • J Winston Lemen Award held since 1948
  • Burt Williams Award 
  • John Durniak Mentor Citation held since 1998. “Awarded to an individual who has served as an outstanding mentor, either to a specific individual or to photojournalism in general” 
  • The NPPA President’s Award held since 1957
  • NPPA Special Citation held since 1962, “These special citations are awarded to individuals for making significant contributions that advance the interests of visual journalism” 
  • Robin Garland Educator Award held since 1974. 
  • Humanitarian Award held since 1985
  • Samuel Meller Award held since 1958
  • Jim Gordon Editor of the Year Award held since 1958.  “Given to the editor(s) of an outstanding newspaper, magazine, video, movie, website, book, or other publication or broadcast that supports and promotes strong visual journalism, and best use of photography, and whose individual dedication and efforts have moved visual journalism’s standards forward while also advancing the best interests of all photographers” 

Pictures of the Year, 1953 Newspaper and Magazine Photographer of the Year. Lisa Larsen and Carol Guzy were first women to place.  Magazine Photographer of the Year changed to Agency/Freelance in 2009. Listed are the premier awards only.

Alicia Patterson Grant first held in 1966 it includes Journalists. 

W. Eugene Smith Grant first held in 1980. 

ICP Infinity Award first held in 1985. 

Alexia Foundation Grant: first professional awarded in 1997.  

Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award in photography held since 1970. 

Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism first held since 2015.

World Press Photo. Lists first place in photojournalism categories held since 1955.

Pulitzer Prize: Two categories for photography: News and Features for images published in American Newspapers. Though anyone can be nominated. Many newsrooms honored the tradition of nominating 3 entries per year.  Rules changed in recent years to include magazine photography.
Photography held since 1942, Spot News and Feature photography since 1968.
Photography Pulitzer finalists are not listed but you can see the list here.

Same for the OverSeas Press Club Awards: Robert Capa, Olivier Rebbot, John Faber, images had to be published in print and also honored tradition of 3 entries per newspaper. 

Olivier Rebbot Best photographic reporting for magazines from abroad held since 1980 to 2018

John Faber Award Best photographic reporting for newspapers from abroad from 1993 to 2015 

Robert Capa Medal Award courage in photojournalism held since 1955

Feature photography Award held since 2004 

Visa Pour L’image Festival award and grants selected during the festival in Perpignan, France. The first photojournalism festival founded in 1989.

  • Visa D’Or News held since 1991 
  • Visa D’or Feature held since 1990
  • Visa D’or Daily Press Held since 1991
  • Alexandra Boulat Award held since 2008
  • Humanitarian Award held since 2011
  • Remi Ochlik Award held since 2006
  • Carmignac Photojournalism Award held since 2009
  • Camille Lepage Award held since 2015
  • Canon Female Photojournalist Grant held since 2001

Chris Hondros Fund Award held since 2012

Lucie Awards held since 2003, photojournalists listed.

NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism (BOP), some premier awards listed. Not a complete list, held since 2001.

Getty Reportage Grants. Not a complete list. 

Some of the awards are listed the following year when it is awarded.