Photo agencies, we mentioned a few early photojournalists. Photo agencies represented a spectrum of photographers including non-photojournalists. We did not list them. Some are no longer represented by the agency and moved to other agencies and cooperatives.

Photo agencies represent freelance photographers. Cooperatives are run by a group of freelance photographers.

Newspapers listed are largely large metro newspapers with first staff photographers or early staff photographers. Because there were many newspapers at the time, we limited it to mostly large newspapers or newspapers known for strong photography. The year next to the photographer’s name is when they were hired as staff photographers but many women previously started at a smaller newspaper and often they were the first female staff photographer there as well.

[Notable] Listed are pioneer directors of photography such as Karen Mullarkey for Newsweek in 1984. Carolyn Lee with the The New York Times in 1984 and Maria Mann with The Toronto Sun in 1980. But there were many photo editors who were quite influential to photojournalism like Peggy Sargent, Bobbi Baker Burrows, Sandra Eisert, Carol McKay, Vanessa Hillian, and many others.

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