APPRECIATE PICTURE EDITORS—we would be nowhere without them and their jobs are often thankless.

Maggie Steber, Photojournalist

“Photo editors play a bigger role in photographers’ lives than just choosing their best pictures. Often, it’s an editor’s voice that photographers hear in the back of their mind, urging them to strive harder for the defining image. They become lifelong friends, confidants and mentors. They can become surrogate parents or siblings — and, as with most family members, there’s a good chance they’ll drive you nuts.”

Yunghi Kim / Kenneth Jarecke in The New York Times

Alyssa Adams, TV Guide, Eddie Adams Workshop

Marcia Allert, New York Times, DoP Dallas Morning News

Susan Ackerman, Newsweek

Nancy Andrews, DoP Detroit Free Press

Kimberlee Aquaro, TIME, US News & World Report

Adrienne Aurichio, Sports Illustrated, LIFE

Virginia Avent

Ann Bailie, Long Beach Press Telegram

Martha Bardach, Los Angeles Times Magazine

Jo Barefoot

Donnamarie Barnes, Gamma Liaison

Kimberly Barth, Associated Press

Elizabeth Benard

Jocelyn Benzakin, JB Pictures

I’ve been very lucky in my life and one of the luckiest events was meeting JB and working with her. She was amazing.

Mark Peterson

Maggie Berkvist, LIFE, New York Times Magazine, Time Inc.

Beverly Bethune, University of Georgia, Author

Donna Binder, Impact Visuals

Cecilia Bohan, The New York Times

Elisabeth Biondi, DoP, New Yorker

Biondi was working at American GEO magazine. In the early 80s and then went on to Director of Photography (DoP) of Stern before The New Yorker. GEO was a mix of travel but mostly photojournalism. It should be mentioned.

Jeffrey Smith, Director of Contact Press Images

Debbie Bondulic, Newsweek

Annie Boulat, Cosmos Agency

Katherine Bourbeau, TIME, AARP, ABC News

Thea Breite, The Providence Journal, The Boston Globe.

Sherry Brown

Bobbi Baker Burrows, LIFE

I never knew anyone whose eyes twinkled as brightly as Bobbi’s with such enthusiasm for photographers and photography. —Alyssa Adams in TIME


Sue Brisk, Magnum, SIPA Press NY

Leanne Burden, The Boston Globe

Maria Ragusa-Burfield, The Black Book, Alternative Pick

Nancy Bursky, The New York Times

Joanie Carlin, Albuquerque Journal

Michele Cardon, DoP, Orange County Register

Chris Carey, TIME, Inc.

Cindi Christie, Contra Costa Time

Jane Clark, Smart Money, NY Inc.

Julie Claire, New Yorker

Jennifer Coley, Gamma Liaison

Alex Colow, Fortune

Scotty Comegys, Associated Press

Sue Considine, Money Magazine

Caroline E. Couig, San Jose Mercury News

Claudia Counts, Associated Press

Cathaleen Curtiss, VP global photography at AOL, Director of Photography (DoP), Buffalo News

Amy Deputy, Baltimore Sun

Mia Diehl, DoP, Fortune, Vogue

Claudia DiMartino, Associated Press

Caroline Despard, Smithsonian

Jessie DeWitt, Newsweek, The New York Times

Sonya Doctorian, The Tampa Bay Times, Rocky Mountain News, The Washington Post

Lee Dudley, LIFE

Mary Dunn, DoP, Entertainment Weekly

Sarah Dussault, The San Jose Mercury News

Ayperi Ecer, Sipa, Reuters, Magnum Paris

Sandra Eisert, The San Jose Mercury News, The Washington Post, White House, MSNBC.Com

For me Sandra was a godhead and one of the few women I was aware of who was cutting a leadership path in photojournalism.  I drew inspiration from her feedback and her rise. In the early ’90s I was on a Missouri Workshop faculty with her and thought highly of her insights and ability to communicate with the students.  In some places photo editors were not much more than cut clerks, supplying “art” to fill predetermined spaces between stories. Sandra offered visual content.

Cheryl Magazine

Sandra Eisert (The Louisville Times) has an intuitive gift for reading a photographer’s mind through their take. She is insightful and supportive.

Melissa Farlow

Debbie Edelstein, Newsweek, ESPN, People  

Ruth Eichhorn, German GEO 

Maria Eisner, Magnum

Julie M. Elman, Virginian -Pilot

Kirsten Elstner, National Geographic Visions Workshops

Rose Engelland, DoP, Chronicle of Higher Education

Carol Enquist, National Geographic Traveler

Anne Farrar, DoP, National Geographic Traveler, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News

Linda Ferrer, Fortune

Beth Flynn, The New York Times

Beth Filler, People

Maura Foley, DoP, People, The New York Times

Mary Lou Foy, The Washington Post

Laurel Frankel, Sports Illustrated

Nikki Frost, Newsweek

Alice Gabriner, US News, TIME, Nat Geographic

Elizabeth Gallin, Magnum, Newsweek,

Alice Rose George, TIME

Yonca Erdogan Gerlach, Producer, Eddie Adams

Sandy Gets, The New York Times

Susan Gilbert, DoP, Rocky Mountain News, The San Francisco Chronicle, Charlotte Observer

Paula Gillen, New Yorker

Lucy Gilmore, DoP, Wall Street Journal

Susan Glen, Network Photographers, Independent

Nancy Glowinski, Gamma Liaison

Margie Goldberg, New York Magazine

Charlene Pinckney-Goldberg, Newsweek

MaryAnne Golon, TIME, DoP, US News & World Report and The Washington Post

Esin Goknar, Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue, New York Times

Angela Gottschalk, Seattle Times

"Angie Gottschalk is a photo editor at The Seattle Times. She’s championed photographers from behind the scenes and worked the shittiest shifts imaginable while raising two daughters. Some of the women photographers at the Times affectionately call her Mama Bear because she fights for them in the newsroom.

Melissa Farlow

Kelli Grant, DPO (Director of Photo Operations) Newsweek, Yahoo News

Alice Rose George, Fortune

Linda George, TIME

Alex Gregson, Forbes

Deborah Haberstadt, Associated Press

Michele Hadlow, Forbes

Angelika Hala, Stern

Lisa Roberts Hahn, The Sacramento Bee

Liz Hafalia, The San Francisco Chronicle

Naomi Halperin, DoP Allentown Morning Call

Nakyung Han, New York Times

Meg Handler, Powerhouse Books, Village Voice

Sarah Harbutt, DoP Newsweek

Mary Hardiman, New York Times

Hazel Hammond, Travel & Leisure

Stephanie Heimann, Newsweek, Time Asia; DoP, The New Republic

Barbara Henckel, Sports Illustrated

Kathleen Hennessy, DoP, San Francisco Chronicle; White House

Sari Henry, TIME

Susie Eaton Hopper, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Nancy Jo Johnson, Fortune

Vanessa Hillian, LA Times, The Washington Post

Vanessa Hillian groomed a lot of talent. She came from picture editing at the Washington Post and After a few years as DoP (Director of Photography) in the Valley Edition of the LA Times, she returned to Washington Post in 1998 before retiring..She was impactful on several of LA Times current staffers. She also opened doors for many.

Todd Bigelow

Leora Kahn, LIFE

Selma Kalosek, New York Times Magazine

Kaile Kaplan, DoP, Swann Auction Galleries

Kathy Kieliszewski, DoP, The Detroit Free Press

Midge Keator, co-founder, Woodfin Camp & Associates

Laurie KratochvilRolling Stone, InStyle

Myra Kreiman, Newsweek

Evan Kriss, New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine

Elizabeth Krist, National Geographic

Alex Korab

Stella Kramer, Newsweek

Eliane Laffont, Sygma Agency

Bronwen Latimer, Sports Illustrated; DoP, US News & World Report, The Washington Post

Sue Lapsien, Stern

Mary Leatherbee, Life

Carolyn Lee, DoP, New York Times

Nancy Lee, DoP, New York Times

Nancy had a way of making everything work, and work smoothly. At the time, interns were not allowed to work as photographers. But Nancy understood the importance, and thrill, of being published.

Darcy Padilla in New York Times Lens Blog

Sarah Leen, DoP, National Geographic

Ruth Lester, Life

Tiina Loite, New York Times

Megan Loorham, Fortune; DoP New York Times

Miriam White Lorentzen, DoP, Parade magazine

Natasha Lunn,New Yorker

Shauna Lyon, Producer Eddie Adams, New Yorker

Kathy Seward Mackay, US News & World Report, Newsweek, TIME

Cheryl Magazine, Louisville Courier Journal, US News & World Report, AME, Hartford Courant

Cheryl Magazine (Courier Journal) was an editor with vision and clarity. She was able to see when a small assignment was worth developing into a long project and help keep photographers focused. In college, Cheryl took me under her wing (Indiana University) and showed me the ropes. She always believed in me which helped me believe in myself.

Melissa Farlow

Jocelyne Manfredi, SIPA

Maria Mann, DoP AFP

Liz Massin, Newsweek

Cathy Mather, The New York Times

Moya McAllister, Associated Press

Kerry McCarthy, Getty

Wendy McCLean, Reuters

Jeanne Mell, Associated Press, ABC News

Carol (Greenawalt) McKay, Louisville Courier Journal, US News & World Report, The Washington Post, White House

Carol was Reagan’s photo editor all eight years, then came to U.S. News as international photo editor after Reagan left office. I loved working with her there. Her sense of the world was so broad after her White House experience. And remember, we still did all our communicating via phone and eventually fax at that time (it was the late 80s, early 90s, you could not communicate directly with anyone in USSR. We had to work through photo agencies in Paris to get assignments covered in Moscow.).

Cheryl Magazine

Carol Greenwalt McKay (Courier Journal) had an amazing ability as an editor to make phone calls ask questions to get a photographer to the assignment at the right time to be there to make the best photographs possible.

Melissa Farlow

Marion Mertens, Gamma Liaison, Paris Match

MC Marden, People

Kathy Seward Mackay, US News & World Report

Michele McNally, DOP, Fortune and The New York Times

Dot McMahon, Dot Pictures, TIME, Inc.

Bernice McWilliams, Newsweek

Meg McVey, Newsweek

Jeanne Mell, Associated Press, ABC News

Evelyn Merrin, TIME

Sabine Meyer, National Geographic Traveler

Linda Meyerriecks, National Geographic Traveler

Geri Migielicz, DOP, San Jose Mercury News

Sue Miklas, Newsweek Maddy Miller, People

Joanne Milter, The New York Times Magazine; DoP New Yorker

Kathy Moran, National Geographic

Kathy Moran (National Geographic) is s tough, patient editor who is honest and kind with you. She is very good about helping photographers make choices between images that compete in a story.

Melissa Farlow

Sue Morrow, San Jose Mercury News, AME Tampa Bay Times, The Sacramento Bee, Boston Globe, Editor NPPA's News Photographer. 

Sarah Morse, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal

Mary Jo Moss, San Jose Mercury News

Karen Mullarkey, LIFE, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, DOP, Newsweek

Mullarkey. Director of Photography (DoP) at Newsweek but she was also DoP at Rolling Stone, long before, when photojournalism and documentary style WAS the initial style of the magazine during the late 70s and 80s. A lot of great photojournalism was published there in 70s.

Jeffrey Smith, Director of Contact Press Images

Jolie Muller, Associated Press

Jean Mulvaney, The Boston Globe

Lynn Murray, Glamour, Marie Claire

Charlene Murphy, National Geographic

Giuliana Nakashima, The Washington Post

Florence Nash, Gamma Liaison, People

Paula Nelson, DoP and AME The Boston Globe

Cathy Newman, National Geographic, Women Photographers at National Geographic books

Meredith Nicholson, DoP, Forbes

Margaret O’Connor, DoP, The New York Times

Carolyn Patterson, National Geographic

Jodi Peckman, Rolling Stone

Deborah Pierce, DoP, Money

Françoise Piffard, Magnum NY

Janice Pikey, Fortune, Forbes

Catherine Pledge, Contact Press Images

Catherine Pledge keeps me to the task of organizing my archive. Her skills and vision keep Contact Press Images firmly rooted in the future, present and past by organizing our images going back decades. When in doubt of locating any image, she is all knowing as to its whereabouts.

Lori Grinker

Diane Pleines, Associated Press

Jenn Poggi, US New & World Report, RIT (professor)

Vivette Porges Newsweek</em, LIFE

Marcia Prouse, AME, The Orange County Register, The Detroit Free Press

Crary Pullen, TIME

Jodi Quon, New York Magazine

Amy Raab, TAB Newspapers, New England

Liane Radel, New Yorker

Hillary Raskin, Magnum, TIME, Newsweek, Newsday

Anne Raup, Visual Editor, Anchorage Daily News 

Sylvie Rebbot, DoP, French Geo

Janet Reeves, DoP, The Rocky Mountain News

Patty Reksten, DoP, The Oregonian

Susanne Revy, US News & World Report, Yankee, Photographic Resource Center

Julia Richer, TIME

Suzanne Richie, TIME

Jeannie Rhodes, US News & World Report, Vanity Fair

Lisa Roberts, Sacramento Bee

Leah Painter Roberts,  DoP National Geographic World

Molly Roberts, The Washington Post, Smithsonian, National Geographic

Julie Rogers, LA Times

Amy Rossetti, US News & World Report

Carolyn Russo, Smithsonian Institution

Eileen Ryan, The Baltimore Sun, USA Today

Kathy Ryan, DoP, The New York Times Magazine

Barbara Sadick, Picture Group, Contact Press Images and founded Matrix

Peggy Sargent, LIFE

Cristina Scalet, TIME, Sports Illustrated

Ann Schneider, Vogue

Andi Schreiber, People, The New York Times

Marie Schumann

Tracy Lee Silveria, The Los Angeles Times

Phaedra Singelis, The New York Times,White House, DoP, ABC News

Rande Anmuth Simpson, Associated Press

Rosanna Sguera, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone

Jeanie Adams-Smith, The Chicago Tribune

Mary Griswold Smith, National Geographic

Susan Smith, National Geographic

Nancy Smith, TIME

Ahn Stack, Black Star

Anh Stack, who had been the Assignment Director at Black Star Photo Agency for years by the time I got there in the early 90s, had worked with Lynn Johnson and Donna Ferrato, in addition to Chris Morris and the Turnley brothers. Anh was a force and got an important personal project of mine placed with Kathy Ryan at NYT Magazine which led to future assignments.

Todd Bigelow

Madge Stager, Associated Press

Sally Stapleton, The Miami Herald, Deputy Executive AP Global, ME, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Maggie Steber, AP, National Geographic, DoP, The Miami Herald

Jodie Steck, Associated Press, White House

Jane Stein Loret Steinberg, RIT professor

Alrun Steinrueck Betty Statler, TIME

Michelle Stephenson, DoP, TIME

Michele Stephenson remained someone you could always reach out to. Your suggestions were always taken seriously, and I can think of a few times when she decided to go with something which might not have seemed obvious at the time. She was loyal to her photographers, backing them as needed, and never one to be chintzy with compliments when she thought you’d done a good job. The best thing about her, as a boss, was, whatever you the photographer thought might work, she’d be willing to give you a chance to make it work. She would encourage instead of micromanage, always giving the person in the field the benefit of the doubt, or maybe the benefit of local awareness. The photo world could have used a lot more like Michele.

David Burnett

Michele was excellent at matching stories with the right photographers. Her reputation in the world of photography editors was unsurpassed. She always stood by her team, and was respected and admired by photographers, correspondents and editors alike. She not only knew her stuff, she was known as one of the finest people in her field. I was honored to work for her.

Diana Walker

Sujong Song, DoP, South Korea Geo

Mary Studley, TIME

Michele Stueven, People

Edna Suarez, The New York Times

Nina Subin, The New York Times<

Jay Sumner, Washingtonian, National Geographic Society

Cara Sutherland, Newseum

Leah Suzuki, The San Francisco Chronicle

Eleanor Taylor, TIME

Mary Themo, TIME

Marie Tobias, TIME

Marianne Thomas, The San Francisco Chronicle

Ellen Tolmie, UNICEF

Bernadette Tuazon, DoP, CNN

Donna Tsfura, Sports Illustrated, TIME

Gillian Tucker

Susan Vermazen, Rolling Stone, The New York Magazine, Boston Globe

Maggie Walker, AP

Ronnie Weil, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal

Sarah Weissman, The New York Times

Susan Welchman, National Geographic

Indira Williams, DoP, Newseum

Susan Wirth, Der Spiegel

Susan Wise, Associated Press

Susan White, Vanity Fair

Deirdre Wilson, LIFE

Lauren Winfield, Fortune,Magnum

Barbara Woike, Associated Press

Karen Wyatt, Newseum

Chikako Yatabe, Senior Photo editor of Asia, Associated Press


Male Directors of Photography instrumental in hiring women photojournalists

Vin Alabiso, The Boston Globe and Associated Press. David Yarnold and J. Bruce BaumannThe San Jose Mercury News and Pittsburgh PressHoward Chapnick, Black Star • Michel duCille , The Washington PostBob Gilka, National GeographicStan Grossfeld, The Boston GlobeTom Kennedy, National GeographicJohn Davidson, The Dallas Morning NewsBob Lynn, The Virginian-PilotSteve Larson, US News & World ReportCarlo Mastricolo , The New York Times and The Boston GlobeMark Morris, The Sacramento BeeBryan Moss, The San Jose Mercury News and Rocky Mountain NewsRobert Pledge, Contact Press Images • Steve Rice, The Miami HeraldJeffrey D. Smith, Contact Press Images • Tony Spina, The Detroit Free PressGlenn Stubbe, The Washington Times.


Many photo editors worked at multiple publications. We listed a couple of higher profile publications next to the names. Photojournalists who went on to be director of photography are listed both in photojournalists list and editors list.